Hello, my name is Leanne and welcome to my bookish blog!

I am a self-confessed book nerd based in Nottingham, England, eager to share my love of books with others. My aim with this blog is simple – I want to share my thoughts about books with other book lovers and engage in spirited discussions. Note I said “spirited” – not abusive! I have a zero tolerance attitude towards trolls which I apply throughout my life, both physical and virtual, and this will be no exception πŸ™‚

Why “Bookish Revolution”, you might be asking?

Don’t worry, there’s no political agenda here! I’m not looking to convert everyone to my way of thinking (although I do hope to encounter some like-minded folk along the way). The title of the blog relates to my attitude towards books – the way they have helped mould me into the person I am today. I have been reading books since the grand old age of 3, and over the years books have opened my mind and made me see the world differently. They have offered me new perspectives and got me thinking about things from different angles.Β  They have literally revolutionised my life!

Sometimes a book is just something to be savoured and enjoyed – and that’s great. I read plenty of books that I treasure and love simply for being entertaining. But there are also books that get me thinking about the bigger picture – social injustice, the way the world works, the things we take for granted. Those books are pretty awesome too.

Whatever you visit this blog for, I hope you enjoy yourself! πŸ™‚