So, I’ve been away from book blogging for a while…


Happy New Year everyone! (Never mind that it’s now February – maybe “happy Valentine’s Day” is more like it!)

I didn’t really get off to a great start with this blog last year – there are a number of reasons for this, but mostly it’s because I am great at planning things in my personal life, but rarely actually get them done. I’m nervous about putting my writing and thoughts out there, which is stupid really, because you don’t get better at anything without practice, practice and more practice!

So I’m just going to crack on this year, trying to write posts as often as I can, and just keep doing it. Wish me luck! 🙂

I’m going to be doing Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge again, and this year I mean business! I’ve already read two of my books for the challenge, so I’ll update on those tomorrow.

I will also continue to #readmyowndamnbooks, which I did for about half the year last year, but I’m moving house soon and have been forbidden to buy any more new books – so I will be ploughing through my backlist, which admittedly contains around 150-200 books (I swear I don’t have a problem). Again, I mean business this year!

I could update you on my other plans, but then there’d be no surprises 😉

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter or Litsy (LeanneAslin) if you want to talk books.

Happy reading!



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