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2016: The year I decide to Read Harder and #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks

Hello all,

My first blog post of 2016! I’ve finally stopped procrastinating!

My name is Leanne and, just in case you landed here by accident, I love books! I’m not going to blather on about myself and the blog’s aims too much, I’ve covered that here, but the very quick summary of me is that I live with my husband and cat in England and I’m a total books and comics geek.

This blog, for the most part, is going to comprise the following:

  • Reviews – I won’t necessarily approach these individually, I may group books into one post by genre/topic/etc.
  • Challenge updates – as you will read later, I’m taking on a few book challenges in 2016, and I will be talking about these and hope to get discussions going in the comments.
  • Book-related paraphernalia – bookish things I love!

I hope you will enjoy my posts and I welcome genuinely constructive feedback. I want people to enjoy this blog so suggestions are certainly welcome!

2016 Reading Challenges

Reading challenges seem to be all the rage lately, as people push themselves to read more and connect with others while doing so.  I read for pleasure and therefore don’t tend to dedicate myself to die-hard book challenges where the aim is to read 10,000 books in 6 months but have no idea what any of them were about by the end (I’m exaggerating, of course). I used to enjoy challenging myself to read more in the year, but have since discovered that I prefer to focus on the quality and diversity of my reading – I tend to average about 30 books a year, and that’s plenty for me.

So the two main challenges I am taking part in and will be posting about this year are:

The Book Riot Read Harder Challenge

Book Riot is one of my favourite book news websites, and I am all for their Read Harder Challenge, which debuted in 2015 but is making a comeback in 2016 with slightly different categories. One reason I am such a big fan of Book Riot is that they never stop flying the flag for greater diversity in books – whether that be diversity of race, gender, disability or any other category you care to mention. I feel it is important that a wide range of human beings are represented in books – the world is a diverse place and I want to see that reflected in the books I read. So this challenge is a way for me to hold myself accountable and to ensure I read as wide a range of books as I possibly can. There are 24 categories, so I’m not sure I’ll manage all categories in one year, but I will certainly enjoy trying. See the Book Riot website for more information and use the hashtag #ReadHarder to join in the conversations on Twitter.


This hashtag was born out of Andi M’s (of attempt to reduce the number of books she buys in 2016 and to just READ HER OWN DAMN BOOKS! As soon as I saw this, I had to get on board. I buy far too many books and it’s time to start ploughing through the backlog! You can join in the conversation using the hashtag – super simples!

So I hope you will join me as I endeavour to actually read the books I own while continuing to diversify my reading! Are you taking part in any book challenges this year, or setting yourselves any goals? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

Happy reading!

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